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How to Select Your Financial Planner

Ron Dickinson shares four key principles for selecting a financial planner

  1. Trust and transparency with your advisor so you are comfortable sharing your life stories
  2. Broad base of knowledge - experience coupled with the ability to look at various approaches to solving problems across disciplines
  3. Strong convictions that hold to a core philosophy rather than shifting with every change in the market
  4. Disciplined with personal success while retaining humility

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Retirement Blind Spots

Video Transcript Hi. This is Dave Piatkowski with Dickinson Investments. I would just like to take the time today to share with you a few retirement blind spots. These are things that over the years that people that I’ve had the good fortune to work with have either forgotten that we’ve discussed or just are

Market Health Report – 3rd Quarter 2016

The number one question we have received recently is whether we are selling stocks and holding cash as the presidential election looms over the country.  We all have our personal political views, but as investors we have to remain neutral.  In summary, markets prefer certainty and dislike uncertainty.  A Clinton victory should bring the most

Update Your Medicare Drug Plan – October 11

We can show you how to save money with your Medicare drug plan. Our next client event will be held on October 11, and will feature George Gillespie as our special speaker.  George is a counselor with the SHIIP (Senior Health Insurance Information Program) Office in Council Bluffs. Medicare’s annual open enrollment season is an

How to Enjoy Retirement without Stress

"18 Common Sense Rules for Enjoying Your Retirement"

18 Rules for Enjoying a Successful Retirement
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