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How to Select Your Financial Planner

Ron Dickinson shares four key principles for selecting a financial planner

  1. Trust and transparency with your advisor so you are comfortable sharing your life stories
  2. Broad base of knowledge - experience coupled with the ability to look at various approaches to solving problems across disciplines
  3. Strong convictions that hold to a core philosophy rather than shifting with every change in the market
  4. Disciplined with personal success while retaining humility

Featured Blog Posts

Tax Planning and Your Investments

Video Transcript Hi folks. Ron Dickinson, Certified Financial Planner® and CPA. Today I would like to talk to you about taxes… I can see that I lost about half of you already. I mean taxes are boring, right? I agree except for a few of us tax nerds that really enjoy it. Tax strategies aren’t that

Iowa West Elects Ron as a New Board Member

The Board of Directors of Iowa West recently elected Ron Dickinson as a new board member to serve a 3-year term on the Iowa West Foundation Board. The Foundation’s vision is “a community where families choose to live, and businesses choose to locate, because of the quality of life and standard of living.” “Our Board

Forecast 2017 Slideshow

Click the link to view our slideshow narrated by Ron Dickinson and Dave Piatkowski from our “Forecast 2017” client event. In this video, Ron and Dave review the markets during 2016 and analyze market trends for the coming year. They also explain further about our process for constructing a portfolio for you, especially by incorporating alternative

How to Enjoy Retirement without Stress

"18 Common Sense Rules for Enjoying Your Retirement"

18 Rules for Enjoying a Successful Retirement
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