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How to Select Your Financial Planner

Ron Dickinson shares four key principles for selecting a financial planner

  1. Trust and transparency with your advisor so you are comfortable sharing your life stories
  2. Broad base of knowledge - experience coupled with the ability to look at various approaches to solving problems across disciplines
  3. Strong convictions that hold to a core philosophy rather than shifting with every change in the market
  4. Disciplined with personal success while retaining humility

Featured Blog Posts

You Are Invited To Our “Forecast 2017” Client Event!

  Ron Dickinson and Dave Piatkowski will be providing analysis and commentary regarding the markets at our “Forecast 2017” client event for our clients and their guests. This event will be held on Thursday, January 26, at our office which is located at 533 S. Main St. in Council Bluffs. Ron and Dave will be

Markets after the 2016 Elections

Video Transcript Hi folks. Dave Piatkowski here with Dickinson Investments. Just some thoughts from us here regarding the recent presidential election and how it affects your portfolios. At a recent Thanksgiving gathering with friends and family – went to multiple gatherings and in several situations had both family members and friends ask me privately and

Private Real Estate, Part 2

Video Transcript Hey folks. Ron Dickinson here at Dickinson Investment Advisors. Just last year, I put out a video on investing in private real estate and why I like it and it has attracted a lot of attention. So I want to give you some follow-up of what we’ve been doing. Alternatives include real estate,

How to Enjoy Retirement without Stress

"18 Common Sense Rules for Enjoying Your Retirement"

18 Rules for Enjoying a Successful Retirement
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