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How to Select Your Financial Planner

Ron Dickinson shares four key principles for selecting a financial planner

  1. Trust and transparency with your advisor so you are comfortable sharing your life stories
  2. Broad base of knowledge - experience coupled with the ability to look at various approaches to solving problems across disciplines
  3. Strong convictions that hold to a core philosophy rather than shifting with every change in the market
  4. Disciplined with personal success while retaining humility

Featured Blog Posts

Tax Planning – What We Do For You Behind the Scenes

On the surface tax planning may appear boring, but its value can be extremely easy to overlook. Unfortunately it does not show up as additional earnings in your account, so two accounts with the exact same earnings for the year may have dramatically different after-tax results. We believe that by personally preparing the tax returns

Our Solutions For You

Video Transcript Hi. This is Dave Piatkowski with Dickinson Investments. I just want to take a few minutes of your time today to explain a few of the services we provide here at Dickinson Investments. In recent months at various social gatherings, people have often asked me, “Hey, what do you do for a living?”

How to Enjoy Retirement without Stress

"18 Common Sense Rules for Enjoying Your Retirement"

18 Rules for Enjoying a Successful Retirement
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