Our Solutions For You

[fve]https://vimeo.com/173946434[/fve] Video Transcript Hi. This is Dave Piatkowski with Dickinson Investments. I just want to take a few minutes of your time today to explain a few of the services we provide here at Dickinson Investments. In recent months at various social gatherings, people have often asked me, “Hey, what do you do for a […]

Tax Planning and Your Investments

[fve]https://vimeo.com/203865274[/fve] Video Transcript Hi folks. Ron Dickinson, Certified Financial Planner® and CPA. Today I’d like to talk to you about taxes… I can see that I lost about half of you already. I mean taxes are boring, right? I agree except for a few of us tax nerds that really enjoy it. Tax strategies aren’t that […]

Private Real Estate – Part 1

[fve]https://vimeo.com/180053385[/fve] Video Transcript Hi folks. Ron Dickinson, Certified Financial Planner, CPA. I have a question for you: What’s included in your retirement portfolio? Most people would say, “Well, I have some stocks and I have some bonds.” In fact the universal answer for a retiree is 60 percent stocks, 40 percent bonds. So the next […]

Adding a Trusted Contact Person

I wanted to take the time to remind our clients that if they haven’t added a trusted contact person to their investment account(s), to give us a call.

A War Story About Identity Theft

I recently received a fraudulent request by email to distribute funds from a client’s account. Here’s a quick description about what happened and how we as a team responded to thwart the theft. Tricks Used by the Hacker: The request came from an email address that we recognized as being from one of our clients. […]

Should you be worried about a recession?

Ron Dickinson speaks on investing and recession, still image from video

Video Transcript “A recession is coming! A recession is coming!” This has been the news media’s cry for the last five or ten years and yet it hasn’t happened. There’s an old joke that economists have predicted fifteen of the last three recessions. Unfortunately, the horrific crash of 2008 is still fresh in our minds […]

Beware of Cookie Cutter Solutions

Ron Dickinson explains why financial plans should not be cookie cutter

[fve]https://vimeo.com/157152804[/fve] Video Transcript Hi. I’m Ron Dickinson, Certified Financial Planner and CPA. I brought with me a cookie cutter this morning. It’s a very useful tool for turning out clone cookies, ones that look exactly like another. But when it comes to financial planning, I’m not sure if using a cookie cutter is the right […]

Understanding Our Fiduciary Standard

[fve]https://vimeo.com/214206014[/fve] Video Transcript Fiduciary. It’s not a word that rolls off your tongue very easily, is it? And to be quite truthful with you, most consumers don’t quite understand what it means. But it simply means that you can fully trust the person you’re talking to. If they meet the fiduciary standard, they’re working in […]