7 Steps to Financial Security

    Most people today are deeply concerned about our economy and about how it impacts their own personal finances.  For those who are unemployed or are struggling to maintain full employment, their financial security takes center stage for them.  For those folks who are nearing retirement age and who have worked and sacrificed for […]

Live On Less Than You Earn

This is the first of seven articles in a series on the key steps involved in the financial planning process. Striving for financial security is not about the drive to be rich or trying to have it all.  Rather, your decisions about money need to be filtered through your focus on the intangible things in […]

Get Out of Debt

Let’s be blunt.  Debt is, more than anything else, the enemy of wealth. While taking on some debt is a near certainty in everyone’s life – after all, not many of us can afford to pay cash for a house – debt is something that can be managed, reduced, and eventually eliminated from our financial […]

Save For Emergencies

Grandma was right.  It’s a smart idea to save some money for a rainy day. The road to financial security isn’t a straight and easy one.  Because life has a tendency to wreck our plans at the worst possible times, an important step to building wealth is creating an emergency fund to help you withstand the […]

Get Good Tax Advice

Dickinson & Clark CPA's

Taxes and inflation are facts of life.  In his book 18 Common Sense Rules for Enjoying a Successful Retirement, Ron Dickinson teaches about the value of securing trustworthy tax guidance in conjunction with your retirement planning. (This is the fourth article in the “7 Steps to Financial Security” series.)   A Common Objection We hear […]

Choose A Wise Financial Advisor

Experience, ethics and education make a big difference when it comes to picking your financial advisor. (This is the fifth article in our “7 Steps to Financial Security” series.) In my book 18 Common Sense Rules for Enjoying a Successful Retirement, I teach the following principles regarding the decision-making process for choosing your advisory team. Whether you’re […]

Invest For Retirement

    A sound investing strategy is what gives you the means to turn your retirement dreams into reality.   In my book 18 Common Sense Rules for Enjoying a Successful Retirement, I share my roadmap for folks being able to experience “proven, time-tested investment solutions” for their lives. (This is the sixth article in the “7 Steps […]

Plan To Make Your Portfolio Last Through Retirement

    When it comes to planning regarding your assets for retirement, how much is enough?  In my book, I explain my approach to developing investment solutions for such a question. (This is the seventh article in the “7 Steps to Financial Security” series.) Establish the Basis for Contentment You will never experience genuine contentment if you […]