ATTENTION: Union Pacific Non-Agreement Employees

How to Avoid Falling in Love with Union Pacific Stock


Employees tend to get overly emotionally attached to their own corporation. I understand – you have had a great career, and the company has set up your retirement on a silver platter. You trust them.

But things change – look at Enron, Lucent Technologies, Level 3, and Exxon Mobil. At one time they were all riding high only to plummet in value.

Few would have guessed that Union Pacific, after several years of high gains, would have fallen over 50% in 2015 and early 2016. It’s tragic, but I have seen more than one retirement wrecked through false beliefs and an over-concentration in one stock.

I don’t care how great and solid an investment feels; I refuse to let a single investment dictate my retirement outcome – and you should too. Did you know that the risk of holding a single stock (no matter how great a company it is) is three times the risk of having a diversified portfolio?

You have worked an entire career accumulating your net worth, but do you really want to leave it at risk to the decisions of the corporate higher-ups at one company? It’s too easy for a company to fall.

Maybe Union Pacific upper management does everything right, but unforeseen circumstances like falling oil prices or increasing government regulation may cause the stock to take a dive, leaving you only to watch as your earnings from a lifetime of hard work disappear.

We have strategies to help you slowly work out of a concentrated position in Union Pacific stock.

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