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How to Avoid Investing Your Retirement Money in Funds You Don’t Understand

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Some retirees passively leave their money at Vanguard. This is an easy choice for them to make. Many retirees feel everything is going OK, and with their healthy pensions they fail to look for better investment options.

For some this still works out OK – or seems to on the surface – but it’s important to realize that you are limited to the number of funds available through Vanguard.

Vanguard is a fine company, and we will occasionally use their funds. But we also feel there are other great funds and investments to consider as well.

Retirees often leave their money unchecked in the same funds for years. However, things change: managers of funds move on, approaches stop working, or your risk tolerance changes, etc.

Think of our approach like the Olympic Basketball Dream Team. Just like that team had the very best players, if we can hand select the best investments from each fund family (team), we can build a better portfolio for you.

Furthermore, some investments such as private real estate can provide you with steady income without stock market volatility.

We regularly monitor and adjust the funds being used in your portfolio so they work in unison to your advantage.

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