Here are several guidelines about protecting the assets in your accounts at *Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (“Schwab”):

  1. Check out the SchwabSafe® material (available at the bottom of the web page) when you log in to your account(s) at
  2. An email from Schwab will never ask you for your personal financial information. If you suspect an email is fraudulent, please contact us immediately by calling 712-256-4856.
  3. When logging in to your Schwab account or any other financial site, be sure you see the https://www…  This insures you are accessing a secure website.
  4. A secure login ID and password should not contain any part of your Social Security number, birth date, or other private information.
  5. Your password should be a random combination of 6-8 numbers and letters, with at least one number included between the first and last character. It should not be a significant sequence like your Social Security number or birth date.
  6. Change your password often – at least once every six months.
  7. When you leave, log out; don’t just X out of the page. (If you do not log out, another person with access to your computer could view your account information using the memory function in the browser.)
  8. Protect your computer by keeping your operating system and browser up to date, installing and updating anti-virus and anti-spyware software on your computer, and using a firewall.
  9. For special measures to take before you travel for an extended period of time, read the SchwabSafe® Traveling Tips material.
  10. You can request a special security token free of charge to access your Schwab account online. Call Schwab at 1-800-515-2157.
  11. If you think you have been a victim of identity theft or fraud, contact us immediately by calling 712-256-4856 or Schwab at 1-800-515-2157.


[Disclosure: *Dickinson Investment Advisors has selected Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. as primary custodian for our clients’ accounts.]