ATTENTION: Union Pacific Non-Agreement Employees

How to Create a Comprehensive Financial Plan That Makes the Most out of YOUR Benefits


You may have heard it said that most people spend more time planning their next vacation than they do planning their retirement.

Unfortunately, I have found this to be true.

Let’s face it: planning a vacation is fun, and we are motivated to get the most out of our precious time off. Financial planning is a bit of a mystery to most people. For many it is intimidating because you are afraid of the answer, or you don’t value the process because your retirement payments seem to be similar to your paycheck.

But here’s the truth: financial planning is vitally important to your future happiness. Luckily for you, we can make the entire process quick and easy. In our interview process, we can gather the data that is needed, load it into our powerful software, and get you an effective plan for the future.

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Remember, Union Pacific employees with 30 years of experience can retire at age 60. Retiring at an early age leaves a longer retirement period to plan for and increases the chances you could run out of money. We can help ensure you don’t.

Also, Railroad Retirement Board Tier I & II payments are indexed (cost of living adjustment) for an inflation estimate that the general public will experience, but a retiree may incur a higher inflation rate. We can help you create a budget that accounts for this and also includes a higher allocation for medical costs, travel, entertainment, and other items that are often important to retirees.

On the other hand, the Harriman Corporate Pension has no cost of living adjustment, so it actually becomes slightly less valuable every year. We can help you project your true cost of living vs. your cash flow for a long retirement period.

Don’t think you have all the necessary financial information? Don’t worry, we can estimate a few of the required numbers to get you started. Due to our experience, we don’t need to know every financial account right down to the penny. We can walk you through the few and important documents that you will need.