Ron Dickinson has written his own book, “18 Common Sense Rules for Enjoying a Successful Retirement,” to explain his approach to retirement planning and financial planning.

“The recipe for a successful retirement requires discipline, honesty and common sense.  This book contains all three of these key ingredients.”  (Rob Brown, Founder, Encore Advisor)

Following is a summary of what Ron covers in the book:

Introduction:  No hype, just common sense advice!

Rule 1:  What are your unique priorities?

Rule 2:  Is a successful retirement really just a number?

Rule 3:  Inflation and taxes are a fact of life!

Rule 4:  Risk is not a four letter word!

Rule 5:  Diversify and look for the best of the best!

Rule 6:  Do you really need bonds and CDs?

Rule 7:  Zero debt is the best.

Rule 8:  Experience, ethics and education make a difference about picking your retirement planning advisor!

Rule 9:  How should you pay for advice?

Rule 10:  They should be your golden years!

Rule 11:  Don’t let your kids derail your retirement plans!

Rule 12:  Your IRA can be a powerful tool!

Rule 13:  Taxes, taxes, and more taxes.

Rule 14:  Death is unavoidable; you need an estate plan!

Rule 15:  Dust off your life insurance policies – please!

Rule 16:  What’s all the fuss about long-term care insurance?

Rule 17:  Annuities won’t solve all of your retirement challenges.

Rule 18:  There are two sides to most issues – explore them both!

Epilogue:  Summing it all up!


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